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Application Case Study


Executive Summary:

  • Designed, Architected, Built & Managed a Health Checkup Solution meant for Retail distribution
  • Customers can buy health checks & diagnostic tests online
  • Delivery of Health checks is done physically at Malls/Neighborhood GP Clinics/ Workplaces
  • Blood, Urine Samples sent to Lab for analysis with ability to Report on them online
  • Doctors can login and Report on the data online instantly
  • Report delivered instantly online
  • All associated logistics built on Hub & Spoke model, managed completely online

Our Role:

  • Design of Scalable, Performance oriented Computing Architecture
  • Workflow analysis and design
  • Developed a comprehensive, distributed model of logistics support platform
  • Developed multiple models of health care delivery - Retail Locations , Workplaces & Residential Communities, Home based health checkups, GP Clinics.