SiteCICS - Acronym for Site Content & Information control system, is an easy to use Content Management System that is for the non-geeks. SiteCICS lets you get started in under a minute because you dont need to wade through a host of menu options or know technical jargon.

SiteCICS Features


Content authors can use a simple, yet powerful tool that resembles a word processor to create web pages. No knowledge of HTML or any programming is required.

Version control & archiving

Each change to content is automatically created as a new version. Each version of the content is archived and can be republished again if required.


Decentralised content creation relies heavily on a powerful workflow model, that can be easily customised, and is resilient against organisational change.


Adequate security levels and audit trails must be in place to protect the integrity of the content.

Integration with external systems

A CMS is typically only one of a number of systems used to present information on the intranet or website.

Multi-user authoring

The CMS allows administrators to create multiple users. Users can also be given permissions on what privileges they are allowed when working with a content.

Content re-use

A single page can be used in different contexts, presented in different ways in each page that is published.


The CMS provides an extensive range of reports, for both users and administrators. User activity logs and traffic reporting are a few examples.

Page templates & Stylesheets

Overall page layout is specified via page templates. Style sheets are applied dynamically for all content created by users